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Beautiful California!!!

I happy to report that we had our best year ever (9th annual course) at SLOFIST in San Luis Obispo, California. We had 62 excellent students who were comprised of Fire Investigators, Law Enforcement, Coroner/Medical Examiner, Crime Scene Investigators, and several scientists. I met some really great people. We had a researcher from the UK and an accelerant dog team from Canada. We conducted 12 fire scenes ranging from structures to vehicles and outdoor environments, all producing good data of heat-related changes, time, and temperature. There was so much experience buzzing through the air, it was truly amazing to be apart of such a great course. 

After the course we went to Pismo Beach and enjoyed the ocean for all of its beauty. Then we went to the Cracked Crab for king crab, dungeness crab, and slipper lobster. I can still taste the butter.

Thank you everyone for making it the best year yet!!!


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