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Burned Bone-Gallery


22 Minute structure fire with a body in the advanced stage of burning with calcination of the ribs and skull. These fragile burned bones are susceptible during suppression and during handling of the brittle burned bone structures, especially calcined bone.

Page 3 15 Minutes
15 Minute structure fire where the body was originally seated in a chair, but it collapsed during the fire. The wrist fractured naturally during the fire, thus exposing the distal radius and ulna and the calcined hands. Fallen gypsum board from suppression has desiccated the tissues, making feature more difficult to observe after the fire during the recovery phase of the investigation.












1 amandibleburnpattern
Burn patterns of the lateral side of the mandible.Charred and blackened bone is on the external cortical surface of bone. These burn patterns remain as permanent evidence of how the bodyburned.
The bone and teeth are fragile as calcined structures.Calcined bone develops heat fractures in the surface.Photographs at the scene yield the best information about the body in its original condition prior to any movement.












The external surface of a calcined fragment of bone.


The images above represent the process of cremation;

beginning first with the early, followed by the Intermediate,

then Advanced, and finally the process of cremation.








The process of bone exposure begins first with the Fleshed orientation to a heat source. Soft tissues shrink and recede, which exposes bone directly to heat. Exposed bone changes colors; charred blackened bone and calcined white bone, that also develops heat fractures.

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